• Set of Motivational Quotes

  • Lined Notes Section on the Back

  • Download and Print

  • Fits Most Planners

  • Available in English



You’re busy, but that shouldn’t cause you to lose sight of what’s most important. These planner cards are designed to keep you motivated, no matter what comes your way. With six powerful motivational quotes and a lined section on the back, you can use these cards as inserts in your planner or as cards for friends who could use a little pick me up. No matter how you put these downloadable planner cards to use, one thing is certain — receiving these six motivational messages as periodic reminders will keep you vibing.


  • Available in the following sizes:

    • 3” x 3”

  • Fits popular planners, including Louis Vuitton, Filofax, Gillio, and Kate Spade

  • Instant digital download 

  • Includes Printing Instructions in a separate PDF

  • Each design prints on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper 

  • Quality paper recommended: Print on 216gsm Cover (Cardstock)


View our size guide for details.

Planner Cards Inspo Set