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I'm Paulina, wifey, mommy, owner and designer here at the Mod Planner Co. I have had an unnatural obsession with pen and paper from a very early age. I credit this love to deep familial roots and long conversations with my family. 


I can vividly recall the stories my grandfather would tell me about his dad, a local Bay Area artist. My great-grandfather unknowingly instilled a love of artistic expression and graphic designTo this day, I can still picture the pens I used in school, the stationary kits I used to write to family in Mexico, and the journal I used to document every aspect of my life throughout those oh-so-important formative years.

This love for gorgeous design hasn’t ceased over the years. Artistic functionality has become infused in my daily routine, impacting everything I do in both personal and professional life. I believe there is so much potential for ourselves to influence the way we setup our daily routines and manifest positivity.

It is this potential that was the catalyst for starting The Mod Planner Co. 

The goal of everything created at The Mod Planner Co is to inspire us to live happier, more fulfilling lives. After searching without luck for a gorgeous, yet minimalist,  planner design — one that was equally functional and elegant — I created my own design. What you see today is a crisp planner created to help you navigate all areas of your life, from daily to-do lists to goal setting and mindfulness. It’s through a planner like this that you can plan your day with intention, holding yourself more accountable while maintaining a beautiful sense of self-awareness. You’ll keep your dreams front-and-center. You’ll be able to identify when things go well and when they go wrong, taking those lessons into the weeks, months, and years ahead. You’ll form healthier habits, and feel empowered to lean fully into your personal why. 

Inside each planner, you’ll see abundant white space. That’s because I believe in the power of the pen to paper. Handwriting engages our brains, which is why I designed these pages to give you ample space to become more engaged and mindful.


In addition to routine, The Mod Planner Co offers affirmation cards and other tools to help you sharpen your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. These "Love Notes" keep you on track and vibing high. Each element offered at The Mod Planner Co is designed to encourage you to dig deeper, aim higher, and lean into a more fulfilling, happy life. 

The way you receive your products is unique, and that’s done on purpose. Rather than ordering a pre-printed planner filled with pages you might not need or use, I offer printable inserts and cards, which are easily adaptable to your personal needs. That means you get all the must-have components you’re looking for without anything extra to sift through.

Here’s how it works: 


  1. Choose the designs that will best support your daily routine

  2. Download the printables

  3. Get instant access to start using your planner 

It's also super important to me to honor my Mexican heritage, which is why I have made these planners available in both Spanish and English. Your planner is personal to you, so it should also be available in the language you speak most.


These designs have been life-changing for me and I can’t wait to see how you bring your planner to life too.


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